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Celebrating silence

Celebrating silence Auteur: Sri Ravi Shankar
Aangeboden sinds: 01-10-2017

He discribes what it means to be on a spiritual path - Art of living His talks and programs have helped people around the world reduce stress, experience physical and emotional healing and develop a sence of belonging.

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Poppy Shakespeare

Poppy Shakespeare Auteur: Clare Allan
Aangeboden sinds: 25-09-2017

Who is mad? Who is sane? Who decides? Welcome to the Dorothy Fish, a hospital in North London. N has been a patient for thirteen years. Day after day she sits smoking in the common room and swapping medication. Like the other patients, N's ambition is never to be discharged. Then in walks Poppy Shakespeare in a short skirt and snakeskin heels. Poppy is certain she isn't mentally ill and desperate to return to her life outside and, though baffled, N agrees to help her. But in a world where everything's upside down, are they crazy enough to upset the system?

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All that is

All that is Auteur: James Salter
Aangeboden sinds: 26-01-2016

An extraordinary literary event, a major new novel by the PEN/Faulkner winner and acclaimed master: a sweeping, seductive, deeply moving story set in the years after World War II. From his experiences as a naval officer in battles off Okinawa during World War II, Philip Bowman returns to America and finds a position as a book editor. It was a time when publishing was still a private affair - a scattered family of small houses here and in Europe - a time of gatherings in fabled apartments, parties into the night. It is a world in which to immerse himself, a world of intimate connections and surprising triumphs. But the deal that Philip cannot seem to close is love: one marriage goes bad; another fails to happen; and, finally, he meets a woman who enthralls, then betrays him, setting him on a course he could never have imagined for himself. Written with Salter's signature economy of prose, All That Is fiercely, fluidly explores a life unfolding in a world on the brink of change: a dazzling, sometimes devastating labyrinth of love and ambition, of the small shocks and grand pleasures of the small shocks and grand pleasures of being alive

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The Discovery of Chocolate

The Discovery of Chocolate Auteur: James Runcie
Aangeboden sinds: 13-12-2015

Diego de Godoy sets off for South America in 1518 with Cortes and the Conquistadors. During his travels he falls in love with Ignacia, a native woman who introduces him to the secrets of the most delicious drink he has ever tasted: chocolate. Tragically, their passionate affair is cut short by the chaotic conquest of Mexico. Diego later discovers that his lover had secretly added the elixir of life to his chocolate. Unable to die, he lives on through history -- Paris during the time of the Revolution, Vienna in the 19th century, late Victorian England, and Hershey, Pennsylvania -- accompanied by his trusty greyhound, Pedro. All the while, he searches to recapture the magic of Ignacia's chocolate -- and to learn to love life just as fully. Playful and intelligent, this is a romantic story about love and loss inspired by a very enchanting substance.

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Hart en ziel

Aangeboden sinds: 12-06-2015

Hart en zielClara Casey heeft de laatste tijd te veel aan haar hoofd. Haar dochters Adi en Linda zijn in de twintig maar wonen nog steeds thuis. Adi knokt altijd voor of tegen iets: het milieu, walvisvaart, legbatterijen… Linda studeert aan de universiteit, maar ligt voornamelijk in bed en weigert iets te doen in huis. Bovendien zoekt Clara's ex-man weer contact terwijl ze net begint aan een zware baan in het ziekenhuis van Dublin. Daar krijgt Clara de leiding over haar eigen team: Declan, een getalenteerde maar erg verlegen arts; de sympathieke fysiotherapeut Johnny; Fiona, de mooie en vrolijke zuster die het verleden niet kan laten rusten. En voor de Poolse Ania is de ontmoeting met Clara Casey een geschenk uit de hemel. Hopelijk zal een nieuwe baan in een nieuw land haar gebroken hart helen.

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