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Blackout Auteur: Emily Barr
Aangeboden sinds: 20-02-2016

You wake up in a strange room, with no idea how you got there. You are abroad, in a city you have never visited before. You have no money, no passport, no phone. And there is no sign of your baby. What do you do?

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All that is

All that is Auteur: James Salter
Aangeboden sinds: 26-01-2016

An extraordinary literary event, a major new novel by the PEN/Faulkner winner and acclaimed master: a sweeping, seductive, deeply moving story set in the years after World War II. From his experiences as a naval officer in battles off Okinawa during World War II, Philip Bowman returns to America and finds a position as a book editor. It was a time when publishing was still a private affair - a scattered family of small houses here and in Europe - a time of gatherings in fabled apartments, parties into the night. It is a world in which to immerse himself, a world of intimate connections and surprising triumphs. But the deal that Philip cannot seem to close is love: one marriage goes bad; another fails to happen; and, finally, he meets a woman who enthralls, then betrays him, setting him on a course he could never have imagined for himself. Written with Salter's signature economy of prose, All That Is fiercely, fluidly explores a life unfolding in a world on the brink of change: a dazzling, sometimes devastating labyrinth of love and ambition, of the small shocks and grand pleasures of the small shocks and grand pleasures of being alive

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The Discovery of Chocolate

The Discovery of Chocolate Auteur: James Runcie
Aangeboden sinds: 13-12-2015

Diego de Godoy sets off for South America in 1518 with Cortes and the Conquistadors. During his travels he falls in love with Ignacia, a native woman who introduces him to the secrets of the most delicious drink he has ever tasted: chocolate. Tragically, their passionate affair is cut short by the chaotic conquest of Mexico. Diego later discovers that his lover had secretly added the elixir of life to his chocolate. Unable to die, he lives on through history -- Paris during the time of the Revolution, Vienna in the 19th century, late Victorian England, and Hershey, Pennsylvania -- accompanied by his trusty greyhound, Pedro. All the while, he searches to recapture the magic of Ignacia's chocolate -- and to learn to love life just as fully. Playful and intelligent, this is a romantic story about love and loss inspired by a very enchanting substance.

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The client

The client Auteur: Grisham
Aangeboden sinds: 03-12-2015

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7 Stappen op de weg van bewustzijnsontwikkeling

Aangeboden sinds: 31-05-2013

7 Stappen op de weg van bewustzijnsontwikkelingDe taoïst zegt: iedere reis van duizend stappen begint met de eerste stap. Die is van uitzonderlijk belang. Als je die eenmaal maakt kun je eigenlijk niet meer terug en dan volgt de rest vanzelf – als je er tenminste aandacht aan blijft geven. Hetzelfde geldt voor bewustzijnsontwikkeling. Om je bewustzijn volledig te ontwikkelen moet je er actief aan werken. Erik van Praag beschrijft hoe je dat kunt doen. Hij geeft een weg aan die uit zeven stappen bestaat, onder andere 'het doel van je leven vinden', 'leven vanuit het hart' en 'aanwezigheid'. De auteur baseert de zeven stappen op verschillende geestelijke tradities, van christendom tot yoga, en van de oude joodse kabbala tot de boodschap van moderne leraren als Eckhart Tolle en Caroline Myss. In '7 stappen' geeft Erik van Praag de essentie van zijn rijke, spirituele kennis weer. Kernachtig, overzichtelijk en gericht op het leven van alledag. Klein boekje.

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